How Keyword Research Can Help Your Business Digital Marketing Efforts

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Keyword research is the process search engine optimisation experts use to identify and investigate search terms that users enter into popular search engines searching for particular products, services or information. Users type certain keywords in a search box on search engines such as Google or Yahoo in an effort to locate information of particular interest to them. The search results are displayed to users based on the highest ranked keywords being used by internet users looking for relevant products or services. In order to rank highly in Google, Yahoo or MSN you need to do some keyword research.

Keyword Research

In business it is vital you know your competition. This is why you do keyword research; to understand what keywords are being used to locate your website among your competition. This lets you create specific adverts and content focused around those keywords. If your digital marketing campaign is specifically targeted at a particular audience and geography, you will be able to target them with particular advertising content. However, without understanding how your competitors are ranking in the search results, you may be missing out on potential new customers.

You may have heard this before: “organic SEO” is dead. This is a grossly over-used term that describes various strategies (including paid campaigns) used to get a website to rank higher in Google. Organic SEO remains a valid technique, but in this day and age you really need to be doing something different in order to get top rankings for specific keywords. Keyword Research has proven time and again that organic ranking and traffic will result in a more user-friendly website. It is not only easier to rank for specific keywords, it is also a fact that people are searching for those keywords more often, which gives you a better chance of actually selling the product or service you are offering.

Organic SEO is the most important step in any SEO project. Organic SEO involves using relevant keywords on your web pages and using them in as many places on your website as possible. This means that you will want to do some keyword research. Keyword research will tell you what people type into Google to find your products and services. This information tells you how to create pages and ads that will draw people to your site.

One thing that many people forget when they are doing their keyword research is that they should use specific keywords in each page of the website itself. If a user types in something like “gourmet chocolate” you don’t want to just throw in “chocolate” as the first item on your home page. You want to use words that describe the specific products that you sell. For example, if you sell gourmet chocolate you would want to design your web pages and ads to specifically say this.

Once you have the specific keywords that you will be optimizing your pages for you need to make sure that you spend time keeping them in mind while you are designing your web page. This means keeping your keywords in your title and in your subtitles. In addition, you want to use them many times throughout your content. A good keyword research tool will show you how many times these keywords appear throughout your page.

As you create content for your website, you also need to take advantage of the research that you did in regards to keywords. Create content that is keyword rich but also creates appeal. For example, if you sell gourmet chocolates you can mention that in the title of your ad and in the subtitles. This will help your page rank because it will appear in search engines for many terms that people search for when wanting to buy your products or services.

Keyword analysis is important when doing digital marketing online. You want to make sure that your page rank and your organic traffic rise in order to increase your sales. Remember that search engines are always looking to provide search results that are relevant to their users. With this in mind, doing proper keyword research will help you stay on top of the competition.