How To Do SEO Competitive Analysis

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SEO Competitive Analysis is a must for any company looking to get a leg up on the competition. For too long, SEO firms have been able to succeed by making guesses about what their clients’ goals are blindly implementing whatever they are told, and missing the boat by being too stubborn or afraid to try something new. There are many tools available to research your competition and determine if you’re doing the right things. One such tool is an SEO Competitive Analysis. Here are some things to think about when doing this analysis:

SEO Competitive Analysis

What is it exactly that your competitors are doing? SEO competitive analysis includes researching the keywords, links, content, and other components of your competitors’ SEO strategies in order to reverse Engineer the most effective aspects of those tactics into your own SEO plan. Rather than guessing what keywords to target, finding out which ones your top competitors are using, or even more important, what they are not doing to rank well, you could instead analyze what is working for them. By studying what others are doing to get ahead of the pack, you’ll be able to take their best tactics and apply them to your own SEO campaigns so that you can do the same thing. In addition, you can use this analysis to find out what you need to change about your website in order to be noticed and stop being ranked so low in search engines.

What are backlinks and why are they important? Google and many other search engines use backlinks as one of the main factors behind a website being ranked high or low in their results pages. Backlinks are incoming links from other sites directed at your website that are directed back to it. The more backlinks that exist pointing to your site, the higher your site will rank.

So how do we conduct a SEO competitive analysis? First, we need to understand the nature of SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) is a branch of internet marketing that has grown over the years with the arrival of various PPC campaigns and the increasing popularity of link building. Essentially, SEO applies techniques to both creating content and directing traffic to it via search engines. This helps a website rise to the top of the results page when a user performs a search using a particular key phrase or term. A competitor can provide a good example of how SEO works by taking down a detailed description of how they came to be ranked at the top of Google results pages.

Next, we need to look at the competitors. Conducting a competitive SEO analysis is a good idea for several reasons. First, it allows you to identify any weaknesses that your SEO strategy may have. Additionally, it shows you what keywords were used by the competitor in their successful campaigns and what keywords they might choose in an attempt to beat you.

For the first step of conducting a competitive analysis, go over your website and identify the main keywords that are being used to target your audience. In addition, identify your competitors. There may be several keywords for which you do not compete, however, because you have yet to identify them, it may be best to focus on the ones for which you do compete. For example, if you happen to be selling pet supplies, then it is likely that there are certain phrases and keywords that would be most appropriate.

Once you have identified your keywords, begin to do keyword research. Search the major search engines for the top competitors in your niche and find out what words they used to get to the top of the result pages. Also, try to find out how these keywords ranked in relation to each other. For example, did one keyword rank higher than another in relation to the other keyword?

The next step is to analyze your competition. Identify their websites, and analyze them. Did they build backlinks quickly and if so, are they relevant to your website? Did they have a unique theme, were their backlinks consistent, and did they engage in dishonest behavior? By analyzing your competitor’s websites, as well as analyzing the words they used to get to the top of the rankings, you will be better able to craft a successful backlink strategy that will engage your audience and get you the top ranking you desire.