Local SEO Strategies For Building Brand Recognition

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Local SEO is somewhat different than global SEO. Local search engine optimization, sometimes called local SEM, is like global SEO in that it also involves an effort to increase a site or a page’s ranking in the artificially provided paid listings of a search engine, often called “organic” or “paid” listings. But unlike global or local SEO, local SEM incorporates elements of both organic and paid search listings into the overall marketing mix. While the primary focus of local SEM is a business’s local reach via optimized content and link building efforts, some of the methods used for local SEM may overlap with or supplement those used for global or regional SEO.

Local SEO

First, a good way to think about how you would optimize for certain key phrases relevant to your business in a given city is to imagine a “heat map.” Imagine a map of all searches in your city, state, or country conducted over a given time period. You would then see a heat pattern indicating which searches are most popular in terms of search volumes or search links. (The actual heat map produced from this exercise can be quite complex and technical, so we will save the details for another time.) The peaks and valleys in this map would correspond to the peaks and valleys in your own location in terms of visits to your site from, and purchases from, nearby businesses.

A similar approach to local seo optimization would be to analyze the keywords frequently entered into searches related to your own industry. A subset of these keywords might become the focus of your optimization strategy. You could then optimize pages that specifically showcase or discuss these keywords. You might want to build links to these pages in order to improve their rankings on search engines and bring more people to visit them. (You could also conduct market research to gauge which keywords your customers are typing in to find your business and then use these words to optimize your pages.)

Another strategy for optimizing your business name with Local SEO is to provide accurate contact information. Some websites have the correct URL structure, but they omit the Phone number and address portion of a business name. This is often done to cut down on search engine spam, or to save space. However, having inaccurate contact information can lead to inaccurate internal responses, and visitors may not be able to locate your business even if they do find it in the search engines. To remedy the situation, you could include both the business name and a phone number in the URL, which should also be included in any webpages that make reference to the business.

One important tactic for optimizing your business name with Local SEO is to use the appropriate keywords in your headline, description, and tags. In other words, make sure you optimize your content for the appropriate keywords. These keywords should be researched based on your target market, the keywords used in your press releases, online marketing campaigns, on-page elements such as Meta tags and title tags, and any directories that may be relevant to your business. Your keywords should be researched to identify common phrases people might type into Google to find your business. To do this, simply conduct keyword research using Google or any other keyword analyzer.

Once you have found appropriate keywords, you need to optimize your title tag and body to rank well for those specific words. Your title tag and body will affect your ranking among search engines for those searches. In addition, your meta-tag and keywords should also be optimized to rank well. These strategies for optimizing your local business name with Local SEO will help your site climb the ranks of search engines for those keywords, helping your local business gain visibility online.

One of the most overlooked strategies for optimizing your business name with Local SEO involves the process of building brand awareness using offline tools such as business cards, flyers, and billboards. Although this sounds like a fairly simple idea, very few people actually do this correctly. Typically, when a person thinks about a business card or flyer they immediately think about how great it looks and how helpful it would be for them. By contrast, many people search for a business by the name of its location rather than the actual business name. Therefore, if you want to truly boost your business’s ranking in both Google and local search results, consider implementing a strategy that involves creating quality promotional materials that people will love.

As you can see, there are several Local SEO strategies that can give your web presence an immediate boost. By consistently optimizing your site for targeted keywords, building brand recognition through local SEO, and attracting new customers through regular organic searches, your web page will quickly rise to the top of Google’s and other major search engines’ local searches. If you do not implement these techniques, soon you will find yourself fighting against a wall rather than a rising star.