Local SEO Strategy: Optimize Your Website For Higher Search Engine Rankings

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Local SEO is the optimization of local search engine traffic for a particular business, product, or service by using a specific set of marketing tactics and tools that focus on that market. Local search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the optimization of local search engine traffic for a business, product, or service. Local SEO is a subset of global search optimization (GOOGLE) that focuses on the location of the user when searching for products, services, or information relevant to the local business market. Local search engine marketing (SEM) incorporates techniques such as building in local keyword phrases that target the local market, as well as taking advantage of existing in-house keywords and local listings. A business can achieve the best results by focusing on and optimizing its listing in local SEM search engines. Local SEO benefits:

Local Search Engine Optimization increases a business’ chances of being noticed by local customers and improves its reputation in local searches. Local SEO improves the websites’ rankings in paid results of popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo! Local. Local search results are more likely to include business listings that are most relevant to searches performed in the area. For instance, a website with information relevant to dog training may appear lower in a search result for dog grooming than a dog training website, which sells dog collars.

This type of optimization has several advantages over global optimization. First, a local SEO strategy is more tailored to the specific location where the website is optimized. Second, local SEO is more directly associated with the needs and interests of the local users and their local communities. Third, because a small business may be located in different places in different parts of a state or in different countries, local SEO strategies must take this into account. Fourth, a localized campaign can sometimes yield more effective results than a global campaign.

Global Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing a site to get it listed on the first page of Google, MSN, and Yahoo! Local searches. In local use, a business’ website is optimized to rank higher in Google searches for a given keyword. In other words, businesses take advantage of Google’s AdWords program to market themselves to consumers say.

Using Local SEO techniques marketers make use of such tactics as using local citations, optimizing images within the website, using keywords to target specific locations, and using various other strategies. According to a study by Adobe Analytics, using local SEO will increase website traffic by 23 percent to websites that utilize Google Places, Microsoft Bing Business Portal, and Yahoo! Local. The study also says that having high amounts of website traffic will result to higher conversion rates for customers, higher website ranking, and ultimately, more website traffic. In a nutshell, using local seo will increase visibility and increase profitability of a certain site.

How does Local SEO work? According to experts, a small town is more likely to be targeted by search engine users than a larger city. This is because small towns do not have many large companies and thus the businesses do not dominate the local market. Smaller cities are more likely to be ranked higher because of their demographics. Also, it does not mean that a smaller city has fewer visitors. In fact, statistics show that a medium sized city, such as Seattle, has the highest number of searches per month.

Another way to optimize your website for greater rankings is by using social listening. Social listening refers to the practice of gathering information from your customer’s or prospect clients and actively exchanging it via social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. According to experts, this can help you determine what would be the top keywords to target, which will eventually lead to the higher rankings on Google and other search engines. Social listening helps in establishing a relationship with your prospects, establishing trust, and ultimately, increases your chances of converting your prospects into customers or clients. You can learn more about local use strategies such as social listening in our site below.

Once you have done the right thing by optimizing your website and getting traffic, make sure you have a professional looking website with the correct set of local content. Have a properly designed Google+ business page and make sure you have a custom Google+ business profile. Have an attractive cover image and a catchy title and description. Your business page should be easy to navigate and you should have a clear call to action. All these things can be learned more about in our site below.