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Optimizing Your Online Content Writing

SEO content writing and SEO content marketing are 2 different concepts. While content marketing refers to the generation of informative content that appears on web sites, SEO content marketing is the means by which this content is optimised so that it can appear on the top of search engine results pages. So, when you combine these two concepts, the main goal of SEO content writing would be to generate organic traffic to your web site. This way, your online business would gain more exposure and improve your reputation online.

When it comes to SEO content writing, there are several techniques you can use to make sure that your SEO efforts are successful. For one thing, you need to choose the right keywords to use in your SEO content. Keywords are what search engines use to ascertain what your site is about, so if you want to boost your search engine rankings, you need to optimize your web pages for the right keywords. There are several things you need to keep in mind in choosing the right keywords for your site.

First, you need to realise that there are 2 types of SEO copywriting: keyword and non-keyword SEO copywriting. When it comes to getting your content ranked on search engines, the most important thing to remember is that both types of SEO copywriting produce different results. If you want to succeed with your SEO efforts, you need to use both types of copywriting. But of course, the results obtained from each type of copywriting are different.

In SEO friendly writing, you use keywords in order to improve your rankings on search engines. Then you also use them in the title and meta description of your page, in the body of your content and in your external linking campaigns. This type of SEO writing will result in better organic search results. So it is advisable for you to focus on this type of writing.

On the other hand, if you want to succeed with keyword SEO writing, you should choose your keywords wisely. It is vital that you choose your keywords and create effective titles, first sentences and last paragraphs using these keywords. You should write SEO friendly copywriting using relevant keywords, but avoid using keywords within your text or link names. Internal links must be contained within the body of your text and external links within the resource box. If you do this, you are only wasting your SEO efforts and you won’t get better organic search results.

Meta tags must also be used wisely. Meta tags help your SEO efforts by showing the search engine what keywords and keyword phrases are related to your website. So it is important that you use your keyword with the first and last name in your title tags, as well as in your titles, meta description and body.

Another important SEO writing tip that I would like to share with you is about how to use LSI terms. In SEO terms, LSI (logical subject) is an abbreviation for Last, First, and Special. In this case, “LSI” stands for the first word of a phrase, article, or a title and “last” means the last letter of a word. So in SEO writing, it is advisable to use LSI terms in your articles, but don’t overdo it.

Finally, the last SEO writing tip that I would like to give you is about the use of PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising. The right choice of PPC ad and the right selection of landing page will lead to success with SEO copywriting. But you should know that PPC advertising takes time to bring results. So it is best to focus your efforts on organic SEO copywriting and use PPC if you are able to generate a steady stream of traffic to your website. If you are able to make your online business profitable with SEO copywriting, then you should always aim to improve your strategies so that your content writing strategies would also be effective.