Optimizing Your WordPress Site For Google SEO

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If you are new to WordPress and have not yet started building your online presence remember, SEO basics start with these three simple steps: Creating relevant content, optimizing your title and description, and making sure that you have included keyword optimized keywords in your titles, description, and tags. The Basics of WordPress SEO There are a few different ways to optimize your site for the search engines, but in order to get maximum results for your efforts you must start from scratch and build your theme, page content, and plugins just like a house is built on a solid foundation. The basics of WordPress SEO Begin with your website’s visibility settings. Make sure that your title and description pages are optimized for search engines. Optimize your keyword choices in your meta tags, titles, and descriptions.

The Basics of WordPress SEO Next you need to understand how search engines view your site. It is imperative that you learn about search engine optimization so that you can learn how to get started optimizing your site for the search engines. WordPress is similar to a blog in that it has a home page called a ‘frontpage’. In addition to your front page there are a number of other areas on your site that are also optimized for search engines. These areas include: All Posting, All Threading, and Category Selector The All Posting area allows users to categorize content on your site by categories; Threading allows users to create threads about specific topics; and category selectors allow users to select a category and show all posts associated with that category. These areas are very important in understanding how to get started optimizing your WordPress site for the search engines.

The Basics of WordPress SEO Once you understand how to optimize your frontpage and other areas of your site you should focus your attention to learning how to optimize your sitemap. Your sitemap is essentially a list of every page on your website that is linked to from the root domain. Google and other search engines look at your sitemap when the user conducts a search on Google; this is how they learn about your entire website.

Learning how to optimize your site for the search engines is extremely important. One simple way to do this is by using a one SEO plugin called All in One SEO. This plugin has a neat little feature that allows you to compare your current page rank to your competitor’s pages. You can then take the top ten rankings for each category and each individual page. Now you can see which areas of your website need the most work the hardest. This will give you an idea of which keywords are working the best to increase your search engine rankings.

Using Alt Tags One thing that many people overlook when optimizing their websites with WordPress is the use of alt tags. Alt tags are used to describe a particular article or post within your website. While the main title and first sentence of your alt tag are what the search engines will use to determine where to place your website in their rankings, your alt tags are very important and should be optimized with keyword relevancy.

The problem is that not many WordPress users know how to use the alt tag short cuts. If you don’t know how to use these short cuts then chances are good that you won’t see much increase in your rankings with the search engines. There are two main ways to optimize your Alt Tags. The first way is to write one full articles about each of your keywords. Then, put a short but informative article about each of the keywords with your main keyword inserted into the middle. When the search engines spider your website for the keyword, they’ll find the articles and read the content in the middle.

The other method of optimizing your alt tags is to do it manually. In fact, this is probably the worst thing you can do to optimize your website. Just like optimizing your sitemap, doing it manually is never going to help you out. There is simply no automation in the process of optimizing your site for Google and other major search engines.

The best method of optimizing your site with WordPress SEO is using a WordPress plugin. Plugins are essentially software programs designed to do a specific set of tasks for you. SEO plugins have been designed specifically to optimize your site for Google, MSN, and other popular search engines. You can easily find a great WordPress plugin that will help you optimize your website for the search engines.