Search Engine Optimization 101

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Are you confused about what the word Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means? If you have a website but not many people know about it, then SEO can be very helpful to your website.

When I started learning about SEO, I had no idea what this was all about. I simply knew that Google and other search engines were different. What is SEO?

Google had no idea what SEO was. It didn’t even know what a keyword was. Now we know a little bit more about SEO, so let’s look at what it means. It is the science of getting a website ranked higher in search engine results.

Let’s look at what a site like Facebook does with SEO. It was about Facebook. Facebook first built up its community. The community grew over time and the site grew with it.

This is how SEO works. A webmaster has a community that want to share and make friends. The webmaster builds a community based on what is important to them.

Now people come to the site to find the products or services they want. They click on links to learn more. Now search engines come to the site looking for information related to the product or service, the webmaster was trying to sell. The higher a site ranks in search engine results the better it will do for the webmaster.

You need to be a good webmaster to get to the top. Your competition is getting there so you must be doing something right. Do not give up. SEO will take time but it will pay off in the end.

Here is another tip, if you own multiple sites, I would recommend that you have them link to each other. By having this traffic from multiple sites you are going to see your rankings go up because the more you rank in search engine results the more traffic you will get. It is like putting gas in your car, the more gas you put in the car the better it will get.

Make sure you build a community at your site that people want to be a part of. The point of the community is to build a relationship between the webmaster and his or her visitors. People like it when their webmaster is responsive to their questions and comments.

Once a person is comfortable with you and the content they are reading, they will ask questions and use it as a forum to share information. This can lead to big things.

I once knew a webmaster who was too lazy to answer a question. The people who asked the question realized they could get answers from the webmaster. The webmaster’s list of clients became quite impressive.

When people feel they are getting treated by their webmaster, they will tell others. It is that kind of successful, solid, honest, honest webmaster that you want to be marketing your product or service.