SEO Competitive Analysis – Your Critical Thinking Skills Needed!

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It can be quite confusing and maddening to undertake an SEO competitive analysis if you have not done this kind of analysis in the past. So, what exactly are these competitors and how do you conduct one?

In order to conduct a competition analysis, the first thing you need to do is decide on what area of your business is being targeted. This could be based on which keywords or keyword phrases are being searched by your target audience.

In the competitive analysis of a competitor, you need to know their niche, what type of website it is, and where they rank for each specific keyword phrase. By doing this, you will be able to compare yourself with them in terms of the quality of their website, the relevance of the content, and how responsive the traffic is to the calls to action.

This will help you evaluate whether or not you should be creating your own website based on the information you gathered from the competitors online reputation. The analysis you conduct will be able to tell you whether or not your site is relevant to the information the search engines want.

This is not to say that these analyses aren’t foolproof. The numbers you get from any of these analyses are still going to depend on how relevant the competitor’s site is and the amount of time they spend in creating their site, but at least you now have a good idea of the level of competition your site faces.

Even if you’ve done the previous analyses, there are things you may find that hadn’t been accounted for. If you can find out what these changes were, you can be prepared for them before they happen.

If you’ve already conducted an SEO competitive analysis on your website, then you will know how many pages it has. This will be a great way to quantify how much of the traffic you get comes from organic search, and how much comes from AdWords and links.

This metric will be useful in helping you know how much traffic you are getting from the search engine and how much from other sources such as AdWords and the links you get from others. With this knowledge, you can now create a plan to increase the amount of organic traffic that you receive from the search engines and if possible improve the amount of organic traffic you are getting from other methods such as the AdWords links.

You may also find other areas of your business that the competitive analysis did not account for, so it is highly recommended that you conduct a new one. If you are only conducting your analysis for your website and not for the other departments in your business, then do the same for your webmasters.

By having a competitive analysis, your webmasters can see if they are not ranking high enough, which keywords are they getting a lot of searches, and if the content on their site is actually producing results. If your webmasters are interested in improving their rankings, they can use the new information you provide them to improve their website.

Conducting an SEO competitive analysis is important for your website’s success, and you should never ignore it, but do not expect to get a return on your investment if you only do it once a year. If you are ranking in the top positions for key phrases and terms, you will eventually see some of your competitors fall away from your site, because they will have to deal with higher competition.

Do not assume that you will not need to conduct another competitive analysis unless you see results that you are not satisfied with. There are still plenty of ways you can take your business to the next level and to grow and expand your customer base, so make sure you keep up to date with your competition.