What is an SEO Audit Service?

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SEO Audit Services

What is an SEO Audit Service?

For companies and individuals involved in online business, it may seem impractical or unnecessary to hire an SEO consultant to monitor your website’s progress. The truth is, SEO audits are becoming more common as business owners realize the importance of optimizing their websites. An SEO audit will ensure that your website receives its fair share of SEO treatment.

What is an SEO audit? It is a thorough examination and evaluation of your current search engine optimization practices and strategies. The SEO audit timeframe is about one month to two weeks. Full SEO audit process typically takes about 30 days total for both the basic strategy review and the advanced analysis and evaluation of your site to identify the most effective approach for you going forward, as well as provide suggestions on what to do differently to improve your ranking. During the course of the audit process, WebFX will thoroughly examine and evaluate your entire website with SEO audited services to identify the factors that affect your ranking, as well as to suggest the most effective changes to make your site perform better.

SEO audits are generally conducted by an independent third party company that has expertise in conducting this type of service. One of the services provided is the page-level analysis, which looks at your current SEO strategy including how you are optimizing your web pages. Another service offered is the content quality analysis. This requires a thorough and in-depth study of the content of your web pages to identify the keywords that are most effective in your niche market.

SEO audits are usually provided by an SEO company that has the knowledge and experience required to conduct the Google page rank review. The SEO firm conducts the Google page rank audits as well as other types of organic search audits. Some firms may focus on just one of these organic search strategies. The SEO firm can provide customized services based on your specific needs. You can determine what audits you need from your audit services, so be sure to request a thorough review of your current site and campaign, as well as what specific tactics are working for your competitors.

The first step to taking advantage of the benefits of an SEO audit is to identify the main goals for improving your online presence. Are you hoping to see increased organic traffic, which leads to increased click through rates, or are you looking to increase the number of inbound links and boost your inbound PR? SEO audits will help you identify the goals for your business and specifically the keywords that are helping you reach those goals. You should also consider the overall target market and if your campaign is geared towards them or not.

Next, when reviewing your SEO strategy, it will be important to look at your competitor’s campaigns. Is there something that they have done that seems like a missive? If so, you can emulate their techniques and make them better. For example, if your competitor has focused on adding lots of new pages to their site, while your business has focused on ranking for important keywords, you should look at what their strategy is and if there is something that you can duplicate to create the same positive results.

The final step involves technical audit services. SEO audits generally include looking at the data sources that the SEO firm provides, as well as the coding and other elements of your website. Data sources include such things as competitor analysis and keyword research. Technical audit services also include looking at the code to ensure that there are no broken links or other issues with the site’s functionality. These audits will also take a look at your security features and any other types of safeguards that the SEO firm leaves available to you. Finally, you will need to review the source code to make sure that the software is updated.

As you can see, the SEO audit process is quite extensive. You will likely spend hours researching your competitors as well as their strategies. In addition, you will need to make sure that all of the data sources used by the SEO firm are in compliance with the various search engines. Lastly, you will need to look at the coding and other elements of your site to make sure that the software is updated.